Official announcement! 2020 China (Chengdu) Electronic Information Expo, postponed to August

Recently, with the good situation of domestic joint prevention and control, the 2020 China (Chengdu) Electronic Information Expo, the largest electronic information industry exhibition in the west, which has attracted much attention from the industry, has finally finalized a new exhibition period to open up and expand the market for the electronic information industry that is actively resuming production and work. door.

1. The new exhibition period

2020 China (Chengdu) Electronic Information Expo

Exhibition time: August 25-27, 2020

Venue: Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Halls 6 and 7

2. The original text of the announcement

Official announcement! 2020 China (Chengdu) Electronic Information Expo, postponed to August

3. Exhibition area setting

Electronic components exhibition area:Passive components, component distribution, semiconductor discrete devices, connectors, PCB, etc.

Integrated circuit exhibition area:Integrated circuit design, chip processing, packaging and testing, semiconductor-specific equipment and materials, integrated circuit products (processors, memories, sensors, embedded products, automotive electronics, PMIC, etc.), third-generation semiconductor devices and materials, smart power products

New Display area:OLED display, vehicle display, medical display, education display, wearable display, VR display, intelligent transportation display and application terminal display

Microwave RF exhibition area:Microwave components, communication machines, microwave materials, microwave radio frequency detection instruments, special software, etc.

Test and measurement exhibition area:Electronic and communication instruments, electrical instruments, environmental testing instruments and equipment, analytical instruments, certification testing, automation instruments, etc.

Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Internet Exhibition Area:Industrial Internet, artificial intelligence technology and applications, industrial big data, industrial APP, operating system and industrial software, intelligent manufacturing overall solutions, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, industrial robots, high-end CNC machine tools, additive manufacturing equipment, intelligent sensing and Control equipment, intelligent inspection and assembly equipment, as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, SMT technology and equipment, wiring harness equipment, laser equipment, PCB manufacturing equipment, etc.

5G and smart terminal exhibition area:Smart transportation, smart business district, smart home, wearable smart devices, smart security, IoT information security, big data processing, VR/AR, smart hardware, smart car-related products and solutions, etc.

Big data and artificial intelligence exhibition area:Big data and artificial intelligence, big data and intelligent manufacturing, big data and smart city, big data and health care, big data and financial innovation, big data and e-commerce, etc.

3. Concurrent activities

5G+ Intelligent Terminal Innovation and Development Forum

China Big Data Application Conference

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Application Forum

Big Data Health and Medical Application Forum

Communication and Industry Big Data Development Forum

Big Data Core Technology Forum

Big Data Application Practice Summit Forum

Education Big Data Forum

Big Data and Smart Media Forum

China (Chengdu) IC Industry Development Summit Forum

Pan Semiconductor Industry Investment Forum

Seminar on the Development Path of SoC Localization Based on RISC-V

China (Chengdu) New Display Industry Forum

National Electronics Manufacturing Industry Welding Expert Selection Competition

Industrial Big Data and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum

Connector Technology Seminar

International Electronic Test and Measurement Symposium

Nondestructive testing technology exchange meeting

Symposium on Microwave and Radio Frequency Technology in Western China

4. Contact information of the organizing committee


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