Siemens Mendix low-code platform officially landed on Tencent Cloud to accelerate digital transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises

Siemens Digital Industry Software and Tencent Cloud jointly announced that the Mendix low-code development platform has been officially launched on Tencent Cloud. The industry-leading Mendix platform integrates a complete set of low-code/zero-code development capabilities and public cloud services to help customers quickly, efficiently and securely create personalized cloud-native business applications, accelerate digital transformation and upgrade, improve organizational efficiency, and create new business value.

Today, digital transformation has become the key for enterprises to improve overall operational efficiency and improve customer experience. The Siemens low-code/zero-code platform was officially launched on Tencent Cloud. The comprehensive cloud-native solutions jointly built by both parties will effectively promote the digital transformation and innovation of Chinese industries including pan-Internet, manufacturing, energy and finance. .

Qiu Yuepeng, vice president of Tencent and president of Tencent Cloud, said: “Tencent Cloud and Siemens both agree with the concept of openness and co-construction. After Siemens’ low-code platform Mendix is ​​launched on Tencent Cloud, it will help customers and ecological partners in various industries to develop rapidly and provide developers with more Next, the two parties will further integrate their respective advantageous resources, and work together to bring more industry-leading excellent products and solutions to help the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.”

Mendix low-code platform can seamlessly integrate enterprise self-developed systems and core enterprise systems such as PLM, MES, ERP, CRM, etc., bringing customers the powerful ability of rapid development, while fully meeting their personalized innovation needs, in flexibility and ease of use. A good balance is achieved in terms of usability. Power users, professional developers, and non-professional developers alike can quickly create modern, multi-channel applications and deploy to public, private, and on-premises clouds with the help of platform visualization and model-driven development capabilities. In addition, the platform also supports mobile native applications, and the development speed is more than 10 times faster than traditional methods.

The Mendix low-code platform will be deeply connected with the IDaaS and iPaaS capabilities of Tencent Qianfan Technology Center, allowing developers to more efficiently and conveniently create intelligent applications with native experience such as intelligence, initiative and human-computer interaction, and enjoy one-stop Application development experience and SaaS cloud services.

Liang Naiming, global senior vice president of Siemens Digital Industry Software and managing director of Greater China, said: “The deep integration of Mendix low-code platform and Tencent Cloud further strengthens the advantages of both products and services, and complements Siemens product lines in the Chinese market. We look forward to working with Tencent Cloud to build a win-win ecosystem including low-code development and jointly promote China’s digitalization process and industrial upgrading.”

In the future, the two parties will continue to deepen cooperation and promote the landing of Mendix App Store on Tencent Cloud. On the one hand, it will bring users more abundant and reusable application development components, and on the other hand, it will attract outstanding independent software developers to build low-code development. Ecology, promote the rapid development of the domestic SaaS market, and provide a broader platform for the digital transformation of enterprises.

In addition, the Siemens business process management (BPM) solution will also be integrated on the Tencent cloud platform to help companies fully integrate and manage business links, better solve business problems, and achieve financial goals.

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